Jump Start Early Literacy with 5 Stars Chike the Invincible!


Ogo Okoye-Johnson

Jump start Early Literacy! Develop the love of reading in all children and students! Read and Listen to Chike the Invincible, a 5 stars book with excellent illustrations that capture the imagination of all readers! Grab copies of both the book and the audio hot- off-the-press at Amazon.com

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5 Stars Review of Chike the Invincible!

Thrilling and Educational!
Every home should have this folktale! Get your copy today!

Ogo Okoye-Johnson


Have you ordered your copy of Chike the Invincible? Don’t be left out! Get your copy today at Amazon.com

Here is a 5 stars review from Readers’ Favorite to spur you on!

Review Rating:5 STARS!  March 15, 2016
Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Chike the Invincible by Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson is a beautiful story for young readers with an excellent message. Chike lived with his parents, Chief Ike and Chi-Chi, in the village of Awor. Chief Ike was powerful and he always won the biggest yam and archery competition held every year during the annual New Yam Festival. The idea of this festival was to bring the previously warring villages together. It was a grand festival and the highlight of the festival was the archery competition. Chike learned archery and started competing. He loses his father to a trap laid by his uncle Obi during an archery…

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Too Much Testing in the Public Schools Declares Obama Administration

The Obama Administration declared on Saturday October 24th that there is too much testing going on in the nation’s public schools which was exacerbated by the policies of the administration. It recommends that testing should only take 2% of classroom instruction. Randi Weingarten, president of AFT called this reversal in the administration’s policy a victory for teachers, parents, students and all those who have vigorously opposed the excessive testing in public schools.